Waller Creek Tunnel project gets underway in Downtown Austin, TX

National Power Rodding (NPR) field worker

In partnership with the Watershed Protection Department of Austin, Texas, Carylon company National Power Rodding (NPR) has stepped up to perform the critical Waller Creek Tunnel cleaning project.

By draining 21 million gallons of water then cleaning out debris from the mile-long tunnel, the project – expected to last approximately two months – aims to protect nearby streets, buildings, and the cherished hike and bike trail from the consequences of heavy storms.

To ensure the effectiveness of the tunnel, this maintenance project is performed every two years. In 2021, 4,500 tons of material were removed from it.

Once the draining phase is completed, NPR’s specialized crews will lower skid steers and small loaders into the depths of the tunnel, removing a wide array of debris, ranging from soil and branches to leaves and trash. The material is then pushed upstream to the tunnel outlet where specialized vector trucks suck out the debris and haul it away.

As the project nears completion, Austin stands better prepared to face future weather challenges, thanks to the dedication and expertise of NPR and the Watershed Protection Department.

Learn more and watch the video about the project.