National Power Rodding Projects Update

Wherever there is work to be done, from Colorado, to one block over from our Carylon/National Power Rodding offices in Chicago, National Power Rodding has answered the call.

First, the team sent one grouting crew and two lateral cleaning crews out to Colorado to do lateral cleaning in preparation of lateral grouting. The grouting will be up to fifteen feet up the service line. As of right now, the job calls for the crew to work on 308 laterals and have the job done by May 20th. The word is that there will be more work associated with this job.

Then in Illinois, the crew worked with a large engineering team to locate, and in some cases, clean laterals for a gas main project. Only a two-day project here but part of a bigger, ongoing project around the city. The brother team of Shawn and Adam Sanders had to drive a whole half a block to work to finish this one!